RO with high recovery low fouling low maitanance

Reverse Osmosis desalination has become part of daily life from drinking water supply to industrial water and wastewater treatment.  With our 2 pass RO design expertise now DM plants generating waste are outdated.  10 Lit/hr to 100 MLD plants are built up. The technology is not understood properly and hence 90% plants are ill designed and problematic. and waste huge water with low recovery and consume very high energy power.  So required are RO plants with

Highest recovery – Lowest Energy Consumption – Low fouling Consistent results  – SCADA PLC operated –

  • Troubleshooting On line advise
  • NSF Approved Antiscalant for High Silica and High Hardness
  • Below are guideline for design of most reliable RO
  • Our expertise helps you to upgrade existing plant bringing required results and increase capacity to possible extent without new construction. 
  • Maximum recovery for which important is Pre treatment  for lowering SDI and Turbidity and water free from Iron / Lime and magnesium and sulfate scale and by using proper Coagulants
  • Recovery can be also increased by using proper MF /UF system – See UF for proper UF membranesRO System Design criteria

    Produced consistently good quality feed / Increases the RO flux / Reduce RO cleaning frequencies / Reduce RO membrane inventory / Simplified RO pretreatment process

    Continuous operation – Flushing of system on shut down and preservatives

    Periodic Flushing while running also CIP Cleaning

    Anti-scalent / Acid dosing  – to keep away Saturation of  CaSO4 / CaF2 / SiO2/ F2S04 and silica fouling

    Minimum  Input– Minimum Reject flow – Maximum input

    Recovery – Should be operated as per projections of membranes –  All membranes should be having almost near to equal recovery –  Back pressure should not be there.

    Maximum output – permeate

    Highest flux- 18 to 30 LMH