Caustic Recovery Textile / Degreasing / CIP

Caustic is highly used in cotton base textile / denim processing units.  The p H  in the incoming effluent is high and is required to be lowered for further processing and meet the standards of subsequent equipments and the discharge norms. So when neutralised it is converted to high TDS value.

The reactive dyes used in cotton dying have low exhaust of 55% and the discharge has high COD and poison non biodegradable and along with high TDS becomes problematic for treatment.  Therefore it is essential to separate the caustic stream and recover ustic from same.

We have developed the caustic recovery systems to recover the caustic from textile stream.

CIP system in Dairy industry uses about 2% caustic and we have recovered 1.98%

Similarly in electroplating plant degreasing baths has high amount of caustic which gets contaminated by the oil and other smult. Our system recovers the caustic baths.